Monday, January 6, 2020

The Effect Of Participation On Physical Activity Among...

Individuals of today’s society, construct their personal ambitions and beliefs from both the current social system and popular beliefs. The purpose of this analytic essay is to critically evaluate the variation of participation trends in physical activity amongst high school students as well as identify how participation can be influenced. Furthermore, primary and collected secondary data will be compared and contrasted to identify if the proposed hypothesis is supported. In conclusion of this essay, strategies will be proposed at Nambour State High School to potentially overcome the numerous social barriers surrounding participation in Sports Aerobics. Like any new sport, Sports Aerobics is seeking recognition and acceptance as a†¦show more content†¦Dino Franco Felluga (2002) states that hegemony or hegemonic power is â€Å"The process by which dominant culture maintains its dominant position.† Powerful sources, such as the media, are able to manipulate an individual’s thoughts and brainwash them into believing that males and females have certain traits which separate them from each other. These sources also convey dominant messages and persuade the audience to perceive that masculinity and physical activity are associated with being male, whereas females are associated with being delicate and unable to participate in large amounts of physical activity as it affects their ability to reproduce effectively. The NSW Sport and recreation information sheet (2014) states that â€Å"Women have made a consistent and significant contribution to Australian sport at all levels, yet their achievements on the whole rece ive limited coverage by the mass media†. It covers recent statistics on media coverage for male and female athletes for radio, television and newspaper broadcast. Radio statistics state that women make up 1.4% of radio time, 2.0% of television time and only 10.7% of newspaper coverage (NSW Sport and Recreation, 2014). Evidently, this displays how men dominate over females in regards to physical activity and sport in the media. If female sports are not exposed to the population, how are female athletes expected to be socially

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