Monday, February 10, 2020

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 29

Leadership - Essay Example Although I believe anyone of us could have been a leader, a disinterested examination of my group member’s personality profiles would most likely have found Jessica to be the most likely choice for a leader. Mariam is quite shy, and at times slow or reluctant to voice her opinion or give direct instructions; however, she is very helpful and when approached with a direct issue she quickly overcomes her reclusive nature and can be quite brilliant in problem solving. Xtang is more or less like Mariam; however like her, he would rather take a passive part and follow instructions rather than give them and he rarely initiates actions. He takes any responsibility given to him seriously and spends a lot of time working on the finer details; as a result, he usually finds anything the rest of the team missed. Mitch is very helpful and cool, he is polite and even crisis and looming deadlines do not seem to have any effect on his cool. He is not averse to instructing others on what to do, but he is not very confident in himself this often to his being reluctant to take the initiative. On the other hand, I am a reserved person, and I much rather have someone take charge as I work from the background since being in the middle of things tends to make me a bit anxious and more likely to second-guess myself and others. Finally, there is Jessica; she is the epitome of a leader in that she is highly organized and more aggressive than any of us are. She enjoys  initiating actions and authority seems to come naturally to her, even when she is instructing someone she ensures they are aware of why their task is necessary making it look more like a suggestion than instruction. When we went to the food bank for instance, she made our schedule, and she was very helpful to the other volunteers, she seemed to have internalized all the required information, and we looked up to her whenever confusion in the schedule

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