Saturday, March 14, 2020

Time Expressions in Spanish

Time Expressions in Spanish Here are some miscellaneous words and expressions of time, with an example of each used in a sentence: al cabo de (after) - Al cabo de una semana, si el paciente no ha respondido al tratamiento, la dosis puede ajustarse. After a week, if the patient hasnt responded to the treatment, the dose can be adjusted.  ¿A cuntos estamos?  ¿A cuntos estamos hoy? (What day is it?) cada dà ­a (each day, every day) - Cada dà ­a te quiero ms. I love you more each day. el fin de semana (weekend) - Disfrute de un fin de semana romntico en nuestro hotel. Enjoy a romantic weekend in our hotel. de hoy en ocho dà ­as (a week from today) - De hoy en ocho dà ­as nos parecer que fue todo un mal sueà ±o. A week from now it will seem to us like it was all a bad dream. pasado/a (last) - La semana pasada fuimos a la ciudad. Last week we went to the city. prà ³ximo/a (next) - La vacunacià ³n masiva comenzar la semana prà ³xima.The mass vaccination will begin next week. (Prà ³xima can also be placed before the time designation.)  ¿Quà © fecha es hoy? (What day is it today?) que viene (next) - El DVD estar disponible la semana que viene. The DVD will be available next week. quince dà ­as (two weeks, fortnight) - Cada quince dà ­as se extingue una de las 6.700 lenguas del mundo. Every two weeks one of the worlds 6,700 languages goes extinct. un rato (a while) - Y despuà ©s saltaba a la piscina y nadaba un rato. And afterward I would jump in the pool and swim for a while. todos los dà ­as (every day) - Jugar todos los dà ­as con los hijos es fundamental para su desarollo. Playing every day with your children is essential for their development.

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